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symposium of self-powered media art
Pécs, Hungary, 13-16th june 2018.

Call for creative works! /#2/

Eco-digital - call for creative works according to the photoSynth symposium
The main goal of the photoSynth symposium is to search the ways to apply electronic and self-powered low-tech/high-tech devices to create sound and other forms of media art, in the forms of performances, presentations, exhibition, and workshops. According to these, we publish a call for submissions in the following categories:
The call is open for everybody, who send (if 1st category chosen:) the audio recording in wav / mp3 format or (if 2nd category chosen) the textual/visual representation of the idea, extended with the following informations: name, relevant contact address, title and documentation of the work, age (between 0-20, 21-50, or over 51 years). You can use this .doc file even as a submission form.

Deadline to apply: 1st june 2018.

The submissions should be send to the photosynth@hangfarm.hu email-address.
The submissions will be evaluated during the symposium by the jury assembled from the invited participants, probably on 15th june.

Call for works! /#1 - deadline is over.../

PhotoSynth, a symposium for self-powered electronic artforms, calls You to present works in the following categories:
  1. lectures (presentations, demonstrations, research summaries) in the following topics: self-powered, off-grid art projects and techniques, concepts of technology and nature cooperation, ecology and sound art etc.
  2. performances on self-powered instruments, devices
  3. artworks: installations, audio, video works realized in an eco-friendly fashion
  4. workshop proposals
Parallel with the submissions, it's also welcome to join into the preparation work as volunteer (to translate, correct texts, coordination, organization, technical support)! In this case please write to the organizer. Thanks.

Format of the submissions

Your submission should contain fields for Probably You can fill this .doc or this .txt, and send everything back to photosynth@hangfarm.hu.

Deadline of the submissions

30th january 2018.

Deadline of notification about acceptance

27th february 1th march 2018.

General informations

The participation on the symposium is free, either for members of the audience or for participants. There's no early bird registration fee, because there aren't registration fees at all:) And, the organizer provides help for every accepted participiant to realize their ideas, but can't support the travelling / living / accomodation costs. If You need help in these, feel free to contact in order to cooperate with other participants to find an economic solution.


The preferred language on the event is english, but any other language is also welcome - please, in this case prepare with a short written english summary.