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symposium of self-powered media art
Pécs, Hungary, 13-16th june 2018.

Schedule and programmes

Description of the workshops

1. The Anonymous Anthropocene
(John-Patrick Ayson, State University of New York - Buffalo)

After downloading various recommended (or self-preferred) photo, image, sound, music, video & filmmaking iOS & Android apps, participants will then produce thematically-based photos, images, visuals, sounds, music, pieces of video & film scenes with those apps in their phones in & around Pécs during the 1st three days (June 13, 14 & 15) of the Symposium; they will then be instructed to simultaneously upload those works onto a Tumblr site that fellow Symposium attendees & participants can view/hear/experience all throughout the day, in addition to emailing/forwarding me those same files forthose first three days — so that I can edit & compile all the works into one piece, which will be viewed/projected/experienced as one whole work, in itsentirety, for the last day of the Symposium on June 16..

Where? Makker (Király u. 48.) + selected places around • When? 13th june 10-12 am; 14th june 1-3 pm; 15th june 2-4 pm • Recommended to artists interested to creative mobil apps (limited to 2-3 participants!) • Language: english

2. Minimal power - maximum noise! (Vincze Ferenc, Kelemen Márton)

Did you know you can build a square wave oscillator from only three components? Here you can try it yourself! In this workshop we will show you a few basic designs of oscillators and other analogue circuits that can even sound like an actual synthesizer! Want to know the best part? These tiny machines require so little power, you can even drive them with a small solar panel!

Where? PTE Faculty of Arts, Zsolnay building E33. backyard • When? 13th june 1-3 pm • Recommended to people interested to sound synthesis, DiY (max. 12 participants) • Language: hungarian + english

3. Electronic Creatures - (Ralf Schreiber)

An experimental and playful hands-on workshop. The most simple way to create and build “life like” machines is by the use of analogue oscillator circuits. Oscillations can be feed-backed and thus simple interactions will happen and simple neuronal networks behaviour can be simulated. In this workshop we will build tiny robotic creatures, that attract attention by smallest movements or soft sonic output. The machines are based on extreme low energetic circuits designs and get powered by the electric energy from solar-panels. For the design and look we will recycle and reuse packing materials that we find in the waste-box.

Where? Makker (Király u. 48.) • When? 14th june 4-6 pm (Makker); 16th june 4-6 pm (Balokány-liget) Recommended to anybody (limited to 16 participants) • Language: english + hungarian

4. Eco-pet meeting (Bánházi Abigél)

If you don’t have an eco-pet even you can build it! Create your own solar cells pet where only your imagination can limit you! We use only recycled or recyclable materials.

Where? Place before Nádor Galéria • When? 15th june 2-4pm • Recommended to anybody • Language: hun+english

Registration: The participation on the workshops is free of charge, but please register in advancewith an email sent till 11th june to photosynth@hangfarm.hu.

Timeline of the events