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symposium of self-powered media art
Pécs, Hungary, 13-16th june 2018.


02.06. The descriptions of the workshops are available as poster and on the schedule page!.

19.05. The poster and schedule are published, please spread the word of them!.

28.02. The call for artistic works is published! (finally...) You find it here.

02.11. There's a document containing weblinks for recent self-powered projects - it's open for add You infos! - here


In a world of miniaturized technology and macroscopic ecological problems, the question is widely open for cooperating between how to use and how to get electricity. Probably there are natural (?) ways to create electronic or digital art without relying on external power sources! Our symposium looks for these solutions.
PhotoSynth symposium aims to collect and present self-powered (solar, motion, wind, heating etc.) electronic artworks and projects. We're looking for the most independent ways in electronic art in the field of sound, media, installation art, network projects, video.

So, You're welcome to join if You're thinking similar way, and work on realize eco-friendly installations, wearable devices, digital artworks based on environmental topics, solar-powered microcontroller projects, mobile electronic media things etc.


PhotoSynth will be organized 13-16th june 2018, and will be hosted by the Faculty of Arts of the University of Pécs, Hungary. The venue for concerts and exhibitions is planned around the city.

How to contribute?

There's an open call for projects, lectures, performances, and workshops to present - please refer to the call section of this page!

More questions?

Please contact the organizer, if some important questions aren't covered here! Also, please let me know if You have further ideas to implement. Thanks.